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Help my Mo Make a Difference

OK, first Blog on the new ATA Local 80 website and I’ve decided to write about my moustache. Well actually, a moustache that doesn’t even exist yet as it is still October 30, two days before the official launch of the 2013 Movember campaign.

I’ve been growing a ‘Mo’ every November since 2010 to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. The successful campaign originally focused on Prostate Cancer research and initiatives, and it has become so successful that Movember has expanded to support initiatives for Testicular Cancer and Mental Health.

I believe in this cause so much that I would participate on my own to raise awareness in my community, but I have been very fortunate over the years to have other Mo Bros & Mo Sistas join me in the cause. Lead by teachers of St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, my Mo Team, the Mochachos, has raised over $10 000 since 2010, a number that I am very proud of.

Before I go to bed on October 31, right after I raid my kids’ candy buckets for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I will pull out my razor and clean off my harvest growth and start my Mo from an upper lip as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My moustache is never pretty, and it’s far from impressive, but it gets the job done. Please join my team and help support my cause, every little bit helps. 1 in 7 Canadian men are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their lives. If you do nothing else, go see a doctor this month because Prostate Cancer is 100% treatable if caught in the early stages. To donate, join my team, or learn more about Movember, visit:

Stay classy Local 80,

Craig Baskerville

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