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Cross Competencies in Alberta

In 2016, the Alberta Government is going to remove the "silos of learning" occurring in our schools. No longer will only the English teachers teach literacy, and the Math teachers teach numeracy. Here is an example of a problem that a student could face, with examples of how different grades could react to this problem.

Your community is planning to build a new recreation centre and is looking for residents of the area to share ideas. You have the opportunity to offer your suggestions to the planning committee. Think about the activities you would like to do at the centre. Research what other communities offer at their recreation centres. Considering the needs and interests of your community, select a format that will best communication your ideas to the planning committee. Use your research to support your ideas.

Examples of how certain grades could address this task.

Grade 1- "We looked at pictures of really cool rec centres. Then we drew pictures of things we want in our new rec centre like indoor soccer fields and rinks for learning to skate."

Grade 8- "I worked collaboratively with my skateboarding friends to create a PowerPoint presentation for the committee. We would like a skateboarding park because we need a safe place to ride and learn new tricks."

Grade 12-"I wrote a speech advocating for a public library in the centre, recorded it as a podcast, and submitted a copy to the planning committee"

As you can see that the passions and interests of the students are just as important as the learning outcomes and content of the lesson. Also you can see how many subject areas could be involved in this problem. In 2016, cross-curricular competencies will be implemented. Here is a diagram of the competencies [diagram above].

David Martin @d_martin05

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